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Complementary Cosmetic Procedures

Many women are dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their genitalia. Irregular genital structures can be the result of hereditary characteristics, childbirth, trauma and aging. LVR certified gynecologists are trained in techniques of Designer Laser Vaginoplasty (DLV).

DLV is a group of cosmetic laser procedures which repairs, enhances, and beautifies the genitalia. The most common DLV procedures are Laser Reduction Labiaplasty (reduction of the labia minora), Laser Perinoplasty to rebuild an aging or damaged perineum, augmentation of the labia majora, and laser Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen).

Any or all of these cosmetic procedures can be performed alone or in combination with LVR. Ask doctor Aguirre for a personal consultation.

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