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"Sex has always been such an important aspect of my life. I had three VERY large babies. I had problems with my bladder and I felt way too loose in my vagina. I felt very unhappy and sexually inadequate. I wanted to be as good as before. I now feel like a real woman again. It is a procedure that is much needed and now we women have a choice." - P.M., United Kingdom

"I have never had a discussion with another woman about poor vaginal tone but if women were honest, who wouldn't want to improve their vaginal tone? Women are very aware of how they used to feel having sex in their 20's and then again after children... with LVR, my expectations have been exceeded. I now feel that I am functioning as I should be. I had this surgery for myself, because I love my husband and I wanted us to have the quality back in our sex life that we used to enjoy." - S.R., Australia

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